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The Solo Exhibition from Peter Ferrari


This body of work is meant to reflect the essential process of disintegration and reconstitution. As in nature, raw materials are divided,

rearranged and reimagined in novel ways again and again, creating a new form independent of its parts. The abstract pieces represent cores or dissected slides of contemporary life. They can be viewed as 3 dimensional

objects, sliced into 2 dimensions. A seemingly random division of culture and infrastructure, removed and displayed as a unique artifact. The cartoon children are meant to feel both familiar and alien. They are stories for kids of the

1930-1940s, whose lessons must be viewed through the lens of their contemporaneous society. They attempt to acknowledge the present, through the children of the past. As a whole, “Resplendent” is about layers.

Sediments built over time, viewed as a snapshot. Each step in the process informs the next, escalating novel forms and untried paradigms.

-Peter Ferrari