An Art Show for Women, By Women, About Women

FreeMarket Gallery is proud to present Multitudes, a group exhibition featuring 16 Atlanta women artists. This exhibition is curated by guest curator Lynne Tanzer and will be on display from October 16th through December 4th in our West Midtown Atlanta gallery.

Curator's Statement from Lynne Tanzer:

"Multitudes" is an art show by women, for women about women.
The 16 artists in the show have dismantled their beliefs about what it means to be a modern woman by evaluating their unique experiences during the global pandemic.

When I was forced to quit my job and become a full-time wife and mother, it felt like a bizarre Wizard of Oz reversal. The shiny technicolor life that I'd worked tirelessly for faded to grey overnight.
It was death by a thousand paper cuts when I began emptying the washing machine instead of my email inbox.
While I adore my children, being kept away from my peers and outlets of inspiration meant I struggled with my identity and self-worth and fell into a deep depression.  
I went to the doctor and got a dayglow yellow pill bottle with my name on it. I swallowed my medicine every morning to feel foggy. Thankful that the mist wrapped my wrists in invisible handcuffs and helped me lose track of the sharp objects in the house.
I was one of the lucky ones.

Women were affected by the pandemic disproportionately to men.
Their burden of responsibility with the "second shift" of unpaid household labor was exasperated beyond measure.
They were the primary caretakers for children and the sick, earning less than their male counterparts due to an unfair wage gap. Some were locked at home with abusers. Others birthed babies in rooms alone. Some were living solitary existences that were becoming detrimental to their physical and mental health.
With few women holding positions of political power to join the conversation about our country's future, the collective frustration feels palpable today.

When I forgot the feel of my own heartbeat, I turned to the people that I could trust to help me find it again: the artists.

When you look at these works from the 16 talented women who have articulated the ineffable with their hands, I hope that you feel more connected to the ground beneath you. I hope you are less burdened by the multitudes you contain and know that you are not the only one hurting. There is no measuring stick for grief. Your experiences and feelings are valid.
I wanted to curate this show to give us a moment to breathe, cry, hug, high-five, and relish that we are still here.

Can you feel your heartbeat yet?"