A Solo Exhibition by Esteban Patino

FreeMarket Gallery is proud to present DAS VOLK, the new solo exhibition from artist Esteban Patino. This exhibition features 40+ original works from the artist and will be on display from March 19th through May 15th in our Atlanta gallery.

From the Artist:

The main idea of this experience, this self guided residency, was to walk the streets of Berlin, while collecting , ripping pieces of posters , museum postcards, and graphic materials in general that have to do with the city itself, spending the day knowing the city, to end at night at the local “ KNEIPE” , a sort of people’s bar , where I would meet real Berliners which will become the inspiration of the collages. Each collage is named after a real Berliner , using the materials provided by the environment. I hope I did them justice.