FreeMarket Gallery is a place for the creatively-inclined, for those who appreciate art and artists. It serves as an art gallery for everyone. It creates a space and a means to appreciate, interact with, and purchase art for a broad spectrum of art consumer. FreeMarket Gallery creates an environment based on the idea that everyone is a creative, and that even latent art consumers can find an avenue to consume artwork free of the traditional barriers of intimidation and social alliances presented by art galleries.

FreeMarket operates as an online gallery along side their brick and mortar at 

1193 Howell Mill Rd NW.



In-Between: The Familiar And The New - a Carla Contreras Solo Exhibition


A Contemporary Iranian Art Exhibition


“Untapped” was the dynamic fusion of Ivy Wu's vivid abstract paintings and Olu Amoda's captivating steel sculptural works.